Holy Trinity
Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
Pittsburgh, PA
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Welcome to HTC Sunday School!

Our HTC Church School provides a religious and cultural educational opportunity to children in preschool through 12th grade.  We have a vision this year to:

  1. Build excitement around the Sunday School Program
  2. Improve learning
  3. Get involved in HTC
  4. Develop ways to enhance Sunday School for older children
  5. Hold activities and events

You can view our specific 2018-2019 Goals and Initiatives by clicking here.

The supervisor of Church School is Mark Winowich. He can be contacted at mlwinowich@msn.com.

NEEDED:  Church School Coordinator

We are actively seeking a Church School Coordinator for the 2019/2020 church school year. We have many capable people in our congregation that could fill this need. It is a rewarding and enjoyable role. You do not have to be an educator, by trade, to succeed. You do not have to be a parent. Anyone in our church is eligible. Much of the work can be done from home in planning and communicating. A LOT of parents pitch in and organize events - Michael Winowich, the HTC Board VP in charge of education, is an active part of this, and you will get much guidance from the outgoing coordinator. Please let Michael or Father Rajko know of your interest.  We would like to have someone in place soon so proper planning can take place for the coming year.

Click here to view the Church School calendar for 2018-2019. Please note those Sundays when there will be no church school.

Click here to download and print the Church School Registration Form.

Clilck here for the 2018-19 Church School Guidelines.