Holy Trinity
Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
Pittsburgh, PA
Welcome to HTC Sunday School!

Registration for Sunday School is now in progress. As a parishioner of our Church, we invite you to register your child for the upcoming school year for 2019-2020. Registration is open for children ages 2 through High School Seniors. Click here to view the HTC Sunday School Guidelines for 2019.

Sunday school at our Cathedral is a very positive experience for every child with Serbian heritage or anyone who is willing to expand their knowledge of Serbian traditions and the Orthodox faith. Participating in the Sunday school program has many benefits for your children and for your family, including but not limited to:

  • Building on the love and knowledge of Serbian history
  • Learning about Orthodox faith and its traditions
  • Participation in the annual Sveti Sava Program
  • Annual participation in the Serbian Orthodox Camp
  • Platform to make new relationship and lifelong memories

One of many goals of our Church is to help our parishioners, especially from an early age, recognize what it means to be a good Orthodox, a good person, and how to give back to those less fortunate.  The only way we can do this is by coming to Church and getting involved in Programs such as the Sunday school.

Please know that having busy schedules, wanting free time on weekends or just catching up on those errands is understandable, but think about finding time in those busy schedules to show your children the importance in investing in your faith, traditions, and our Heavenly Father who invests so much in us. With his blessing, everything is possible.

Milica Surla, Church School Co-Coordinator ... milicac86@hotmail.com

Dawn Weiss, Church School Co-Coordinator ... weiss1719@comcast.net

Michael Winowich, HTC Board 2nd Vice President ... mike.winowich@comcast.net

Click here to easily SIGN UP and help with the planning and execution of the events currently planned for Sunday School children. In order to make these events successful, meaningful, and enjoyable for the kids we need your help! Thank you!!!

Click here to download the PDF version of the Church School Registration Form.

Click here to download the fillable Excel version of the Church School Registration Form.

Click here to view/download the HTC September Sunday School News.