Holy Trinity
Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
Pittsburgh, PA
About Orthodoxy

Want to find out more about the Eastern Orthodox Faith? Visit these sites:

The OCIC Web site is one of the largest and oldest sites on Orthodox Christianity. Think of the OCIC as a vast online article repository, with over 700 articles and 6,000 printed pages. This site has been online since 1996 and receives over 36,000 unique visitors per month, according to Google Analytics.

Ancient Faith Radio seeks to deepen and enrich the faith of Orthodox Christians around the world with streaming audio programming and on-demand podcasts. We feature liturgical music from a variety of Orthodox traditions, as well as prayers, readings, lectures, and interviews. It is a pan-Orthodox ministry and thus serves and supports all jurisdictions.

And a great resource about Serbian Traditions is available. This site is created by Milana Karlo Bizic, an educator and perpetuator of Serbian culture and customs. It contains a wealth of information, stories, pictures, and links to other sources of information about the Serbian people.