Holy Trinity
Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
Pittsburgh, PA
Kolo Srpski Sestara "Sveta Petka"

The members of our ladies auxiliary, the Kolo Srpski Sestara, have historically generously donated time, effort, and financially, to all aspects of our church. Countless hours have been spent making noodles, preparing meals, and selling baked goods.

The iconastasis and all altar furniture were graciously donated by the Kolo. At Holy Trinity, as in most churches, the Kolo is recognized as the heartbeat of the church. Presently, several members are also active with the Eastern Region Kolo Federation and actively provide support of the Diocesan church camp at Shadeland, Pennsylvania.

Holy Trinity Choir

The birth of Holy Trinity Cathedral Choir was one of immediate maturity. It developed from the union of two fine choirs in Pittsburgh – SSS Philip Visnich and SSS St. George. Following the merger of their parishes, St. Sava and St. George, in October 1961, the choirs requested the Serbian Singing Federation to approve their consolidation into the Holy Trinity Choir of Pittsburgh. This consolidation, the first in SSF history, was officially accepted at the 1962 SSF Convention in Joliet, Illinois.

The directors of the two choirs, Boris M. Dobrovolsky, who has achieved distinction and honor both here and in Europe for his choral techniques and interpretation, and Milan Vucich, also a skilled musician, were responsible for the success of both choirs.

Our foundation turned solid under the direction of Michael Hutnik. His exceptional talent and intense feeling for our music made us an outstanding performing group. With the departure of Hutnik in 1971, James Meena, Kenneth Gargaro, and Barbara Topich assumed directorship. Michael Hutnik returned for a brief period followed by Martha Kukich Steen until 2005 when Robert M. Topich became our teacher and director.

In its 43 years, the choir has participated in most SSF Festivals and local concerts as well as appearances on local radio and television, Pan Orthodox services in district churches, and for many years represented the Serbians at the United We Sing Christmas Festival and the Pittsburgh International Folk Festival featuring local ethnic groups.

The choir serves as a living medium in preserving the rich Serbian religious and secular musical culture and heritage. In all its endeavors, the Holy Trinity Cathedral Choir faithfully continues to sing to the glory of God and the honor of the Serbian people.

Jedinstvo Folklore Ensemble

Ensemble Jedinstvo is comprised of 26 young people, ranging from first through twelfth grade and encompasses a diverse representation of children not only from Holy Trinity Cathedral of Pittsburgh and other local parishes, but also several children who have emigrated here from the former Yugoslavia.

In its present form, the ensemble evolved from a small group of interested parents and children with a desire to learn the music, dance and folklore of their Serbian heritage and continues to progress as a performing troupe. The children are not only learning to dance and play their “tamburas”, but are being simultaneously educated in the various regions, styles and types of music, song and dance of the multitude of geographic areas inhabited by Serbs. Also, their individual talents are utilized with regard to abilities in other instruments and vocal training, all contributing to the group’s diversity.

Holy Trinity Men's Club "Nikola Tesla"

The Holy Trinity Men's Club "Nikola Tesla" manages and maintains our picnic grounds in Castle Shannon as well as provides much needed support for the Cathedral's physical plant. This group of men generously donate their time and talent to get the work done.

They are quickly becoming well known for their barbeque lamb, pig, and chicken prepared from the Lamb Shack.

The Men's Club "Nikiola Tesla" has chosen to celebrate St. Archangel Michael as their patron saint.